Recent Beauty Buys

Benefit Toner

I have never used toner in a religious manner but as i've now have such a strict routine, it is easier to keep on top of my facial cleansing in a morning. I do notice that my skin is toned and brighter from this product, and it looks really cute on my cabinet. I am also a bit of a sucker when it comes to reviews in magazines and I saw that this was recommended as a must buy by various publications. It is expensive but I think worth the money. Especially now i'm living in London, this keeps my skin bright and glowing despite all the grime in the city.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

A really gentle and calming way to easily remove all make up and grim. I did find that I had a few breakouts when I started using it but now I am used to it my skin feels smooth, clean and toned. It is very simple to use and feels less harsh than soap. I would recommend but it is rather pricey and I'd say something that is luxurious and not necessarily better than other cleansers.


Throughout my finals my nails were a source of anxiety and as a result I stopped bothering; I hate chipped nails. I've recently been taking more care and invested in a few nail polishes. I am really impressed by Topshop nails, it goes on easily and has a good consistency, plus the variety they have is great. I bought sketch and country bumpkin. With Christmas coming up, its also a perfect way of adding a bit of sparkle. One option is to get the metallic colours such as Treasure and Heart of Gold, or head to Barry M for the perfect glitter nail varnish.