oh Hello ghost.

For 3 months I have lived in Portugal, Porto to be exact. It is so refreshing to be in a different surrounding; the new culture, language and perspectives have all had a huge influence on my outlook of life.

PORTO. The Azul mosaics on churches, the endless tiles that line the houses and the mish-mash of colours strewn across buildings create a feel of vibrance, even through the winter fog and monsoon rain. I have noticed this has influenced my own style and I take more care of using different patterns and colours, appreciating solid colours or delicate designs. Its great living the mediterranean lifestyle, it really makes you LIVE.



So, this week isn't really going to plan, I am drowning in work, my boyfriend is away in Texas and I'm alone in the flat for 4/5 days - not so fun. Possibly the worst factor is that I haven't got time to go shopping, which sucks; clothes are my saviour in this time of need. These photos are the only things that will help me.
Whip over a blazer, some killer legs and you have an outfit. I wish i had a spare £95 for the shoes and £45 for the dress. I also found my old NERD and Kelis albums, follow this example, I have totally forgotten how much fun this music is.



I felt it was time to stop working and start dancing....I was rather warm in my vintage turquoise sequinned top but that didn't stop me throwing some shapes to the best smooth R&B around in the Opal Lounge. I teamed the top with a tight black skirt from american apparel, some black tights and some gorgeous black kurt geiger platforms.
I rely on my flat mate for heels, she has the best collection around and when she bought these beauties last week, even I felt chills. They are called Gerry, say HI ....

I am also smiling over this ;

Even though, this is technically a scalloped dress, looking slightly like the scales of a fish, the dress looks so delicate and pretty that I think Christopher Kane is now one of my favourite designers.
Ciao X


My first day

This is my first blog... I am the ultimate worrier and so even this is rather nerve-wracking. At the moment, my camera is well inoperable and so it may be some time before I start posting photos but I can't wait to start :) Unfortunately my life is pretty boring at the moment, I have 10 assessments in 3 weeks which does create a FML moment but I have music and yoghurt covered raisins to keep me going. I do however have a boyfriend in a band and so during my boring days, I live excitement through him.

I visited him as he played in Glasgow last week and I was able to see Fucked up and The Bronx, two bands that I have liked for a while and they certainly delivered. Fucked up were possible the most entertaining band I have seen in a while and although I wouldn't have enjoyed him hugging me in his sweaty state, it was enjoyable to see him terrorizing the punk heads. Now, I must face my Spanish translation...Kelsey x