Recent Beauty Buys

Benefit Toner

I have never used toner in a religious manner but as i've now have such a strict routine, it is easier to keep on top of my facial cleansing in a morning. I do notice that my skin is toned and brighter from this product, and it looks really cute on my cabinet. I am also a bit of a sucker when it comes to reviews in magazines and I saw that this was recommended as a must buy by various publications. It is expensive but I think worth the money. Especially now i'm living in London, this keeps my skin bright and glowing despite all the grime in the city.

Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil

A really gentle and calming way to easily remove all make up and grim. I did find that I had a few breakouts when I started using it but now I am used to it my skin feels smooth, clean and toned. It is very simple to use and feels less harsh than soap. I would recommend but it is rather pricey and I'd say something that is luxurious and not necessarily better than other cleansers.


Throughout my finals my nails were a source of anxiety and as a result I stopped bothering; I hate chipped nails. I've recently been taking more care and invested in a few nail polishes. I am really impressed by Topshop nails, it goes on easily and has a good consistency, plus the variety they have is great. I bought sketch and country bumpkin. With Christmas coming up, its also a perfect way of adding a bit of sparkle. One option is to get the metallic colours such as Treasure and Heart of Gold, or head to Barry M for the perfect glitter nail varnish.


Super 8

This week I saw the highly anticipated Super 8. I am a huge Sci-Fi geek and not ashamed in the slightest. My friends have to constantly deal with my love of Stargate, Star Trek and Spielberg films. I haven't seen a great film in this genre for ages and so it was an absolute treat to see this film; funny, moving and epic, this film delivered in all ways. I am still in awe of how well the young actors delivered the story. Elle Fanning, one to watch with regard to fashion and her superb acting skills, is a doll on screen, captivating the attention of the boys and the audience. I didn't feel bored at any point in the movie, with the story developing in many directions. Sometimes, when a director brings in the depth of emotion and family issues, it doesn't always flow and seems cheesy but in this case, it was not over the top and added more value to the film.

Eating Out..

As another treat, my friend and I went to PIX, the new tapas bar in Soho. From living in Spain, I am always weary of tapas and the quality but was impressed with this quaint bar. We ate Olives stuffed with ricotta, salt cod with honey, patatas bravas and churros for dessert. We added a glass of red and it only came to £20 - super cheap for London. It wasn't the best Tapas I have ever had but for the price and lovely setting, this is a great place for a few snacks with friends.


Final days of summer

This is my go-to dress whenever it is nice weather. I love floral print and this dress from Urban Outfitters ( last year might I add) adds a tropical vibe with palm shaped leaves and pastel coloured flowers. I particularly love the back of the dress as it ties up which adds something extra and creative to the dress shape. I have really got into wearing basic gladiator sandals in tan/brown this summer rather than anything jazzy, it seems more natural and rural. I am now very sad that the nice weather seems to be disappearing, although I do have a sudden obsession for jumpers whilst window shopping....I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of August. One more bank holiday to go!


Frank's Campari Bar

I've recently been spending a lot of time at this place, Frank's, enjoying great company, sun and delicious food. The pop-up shop is a craze especially in the summer months in London with many opening across the city for temporary periods of time. This can range from months to just days, such as the recent ice cream parlour that was open for just one day in Brockley offering flavours such as elderflower and lime or geranium and rose sorbet. Frank's is in its third year running and is still constantly packed with people. Whether its the corn on the cob with paprika that entices you, the cute cocktails or the amazing view, Frank's is a great place for a chilled afternoon or evening with friends. It attracts a variety of people from posh city boys to the East London crowd and even locals come in to see what the hype is about. The weekend is now over but I look forward to next weekend so I can take advantage of this amazing space just up the road from my house.


Real Beauty Queens

I am always inspired by the parallels that run between cultures. This article from the Guardian reports the Mayan Queen pageant that, rather than being based on shallow qualities of a beautiful face, are based on inner qualities including leadership qualities and commitment to Mayan values. These are the Real beauty Queens of society. These photos are stunning and I love how real they are. On a shallow note, I am particularly inspired by their dress which has intricate detail and rather outlandish accessories. The Head pieces are beautiful, they look truly adorned with accessories.



Last year I was obsessed with cosmic print ( so of course fell for the Christopher Kane collection) and was one of the lucky few to get the cosmology dress from Zara which I still cherish. This year, I am loving the marble effect. I used to love marbling in Art class as a child. This top from the Silver Line collection at Hoss Intropia is perfect and despite loving a lot of colour, the silver/grey/black tones to the dress make it a delicate choice which suits the material.


Chelsea > all other boots

Chelsea Boots

The Expensive ones - Balenciaga

The Alternative ones - Topshop

The Ladylike ones -Topshop
The Tan ones - Topshop

The Classic ones - Asos

The Suede ones - Topshop

The Heeled/Sexylicious ones - Urban Outfitters

VERDICT = I want them all.



So, it must be said that I do have a little obsession with rings. I have my own darling collection that I have inherited from my family and I keep these safe at all times but I am always on the look for more beauties to add to my jewellery box. I do adore anything that sparkles and I think these rings using natural quartz are beautiful and raw, offering something a little more contemporary. Of course, the YSL rings are a bloggers dream and I very nearly bought one the other week but with my indecisive nature, I couldn't decide which colour, which design..ahhh decisions, decisions.


Yearning for Spring

Its finally sunny, the heads of Crocus's and Daffodil's are poking through the soil, battling with the elements to flower. I adore the light that comes with Spring, it brightens up any day and produces an energy that is lost through the Winter months. Here are a few inspirations for the upcoming season, romantic hair, soft colours and of course, Erdem's 2011 collection. Lets hope Spring will persevere and get rid of the cold for good ! I want to start de-layering.


I want what they have.

I totally am in love with this dinnerware set never guess who...Rachel Bilson. I adore designs with themes of nature and I think this adopts a unique perspective, concentrating on the colours blue and purple with clean white backgrounds; a more sophisticated take on old-fashioned floral designs. My favourites are the Peacock, not sure what it is but it would look great anywhere, and the little bird salt and pepper set that reminds me of something from a Disney movie. Naturally, this is only available in Macys which is a little too far for more thing that the Americans have that I want.



I am a huge fan of Spanish cinema and as a lover of all things Spanish, it is always a must to see the latest export in cinema. Thankfully, living in Edinburgh this is quite easy and last night I went to the Filmhouse, an arty, independent cinema to see this masterpiece. I knew to expect a film brimming with artistic style, European cinema always does, nevertheless, this film blew me away. Javier Bardem's performance was seamless, completely capturing the attention of the audience ( everyone was completely silent and motionless ) and delivering a powerful story of life. The story is powerful, compelling, humorous, tragic and captures all the emotions of being alive. I particularly enjoyed the magical realism that Iñárritu adopted in the film, something that dominates Spanish literature, here it defined the magical elements that blur between the interior and exterior, presenting the spiritual and beautiful dimension in life. Although an intense 2 hours, this is a must see.


New year, New you.

I'm a bit late on that front but 2011 is going to be a new me, a new everything. My first post is about the lovely Sunday girl who, after randomly finding on Spotify, I have fallen in love. This girl is gorgeous and her voice even more so. I am particularly loving her track Self control, and the French Soler remix - a perfect party tune. Jade ( Sunday girl) is everywhere right now and is proving to be a new style muse with a polished look with masculine influences; buttoned shirt, shorts, blazers. Absolutely loving the cream/light yellow dress in the top right corner...can summer hurry up please!

Images courtesy of :Asos.