Right now I have tonsilitis and as I can't eat anything but ice cream, I am craving delicious food. Living in London allows me to taste food from around the world and at a good quality. As I lay here, reminiscing about the places I have visited I thought I would write about them and inspire where I will venture next.


Anyone who knows me, knows I L.O.V.E my coffee. My recent finds for brilliant coffee have been Full Stop on Brick Lane and St Ali in Farringdon.

Full Stop was introduced by a friend and has a lovely story behind it. Pete used to run a coffee stall in West London for two years, saving up to own a coffee shop and finally, last year he opened it with his friend. This is an adorable establishment, fitting in nicely with the quirks of Brick Lane but establishing its own identity with the focus on quality coffee, and produce from local places such as the brewery down the road and milk from a farm nearby. The inside of the cafe is cute with vintage finds all over the place and is the perfect place to chill and take some time from the busy life outside. Whats great is that Full Stop opens up late every night, giving you chance to taste the homemade pizza ( they are delicious), drink some wine and catch a pop up film or other events.

St Ali is another superb place for coffee. Based in Farringdon, it roasts its own coffee which I always find fascinating. Minimalist furniture and wood flooring make St Ali feel very open and fresh, perfect for Sunday brunch. The food is also great here, with all day eggs, corn fritters and other main dishes to enjoy.

I must also mention Joe and the Juice. This brand has swept over London and quite rapidly is taking over. With branches originally in Soho and Regent St, it is now located on the Kings Road and is opening another closer to Covent Garden. More than just a juice bar, the coffee here is delicious and rather innovative with their ginger lattes that with fresh ginger added so you feel kinda healthy even though you are chugging down milk and caffeine. Now, I can rave all day about the coffee here but I can't not mention the fact everyone that works there is super good looking. The brand is from Denmark and true to their heritage, they have employed a lot of Scandinavian men (ahem, Gods may the word) to serve the drinks. I'm shocked no one has thought of this before.

Food stalls

Pizza Pilgrims is something my friend has just become involved with and is based on Berwick St in Soho. Now pilgrims they are as they create traditional and authentic pizza's to spread the word of real Italian food. Unfortunately they are only open during the week ( sucks for me as I work in the City) but I can verify that with their skill, they are possibly the tastiest pizzas you will find in Soho ( and London!). They are perfect to pick up for lunch or if you are just walking around the shops and fancy something tasty and hot.

I'll save the rest for another time, my taste buds are getting frustrated at just ice cream right now.

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