For a long time people have been talking about Nasty Gal and in an effort to be more responsible with my money, I tried to steer clear of internet shopping .  Big mistake ( for my wardrobe ). Nasty Gal has the perfect style and easily blows Topshop and other high street stores out the park. Born from an ebay store, Nasty Gal has grown to a global site, with everything from clothes to accessories. Unique and on trend clothes are offered for all price tags so whether you want to add a small piece to your wardrobe or go full-blown and get some Jeffrey Campbell x Nasty Gal shoes, there is something for everyone. Based in the US, it really captures the Californian, hippie x trendy x slightly alternative look that we all aspire to have. The dresses range from tiny 90s cut designs to long floaty dresses perfect for the summer.  I fell in love with the jewellery, the perfect mix of edgy and hippie with lots of turquoise, gem stones and spikes. Even better, there is a vintage page on the site. Although it is expensive, and out of my price range, it offers something especially unique.

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