Meat convert


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In the midst of most of the population questioning their decision to eat meat after the horsemeat scandal, I made the surprising choice to start eating meat again. Don’t get me wrong I don’t envisage myself stood at McDonalds on a hungover Sunday and I won’t be gorging on meat but as a lover of food, I felt that I was hindering myself from tasting quality dishes.

For my first experience in over 5 years, I took the plunge and visited the latest buzz restaurant, Bone Daddies. Serving the finest Ramen in London, this was a truly unique experience. Cooked in bone broth, the foundations of each Ramen are intensely meaty, allowing the noodles to soak up the deep, fatty and comforting taste of the broth. I went for T22, a creamy, delicious mixture of chicken broth, soy ramen and the hilarious addition of cock scratchings.

The ramen came topped with egg, ‘ni-tamago’ style which means marinated and semi-boiled, resulting in a glistening yoak that is irresistible. The pieces of chicken were perfectly tender, the noodles moorish and the delicious broth was so good, I couldn’t help but slurp from the bowl once I had finished the main contents.

They don’t take reservations but boy was this worth the wait, as my first meat indulgence, I was happily converted to eat good quality meat and as I thought, the dish would not have had the same impact without the meaty broth.


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