My first day

This is my first blog... I am the ultimate worrier and so even this is rather nerve-wracking. At the moment, my camera is well inoperable and so it may be some time before I start posting photos but I can't wait to start :) Unfortunately my life is pretty boring at the moment, I have 10 assessments in 3 weeks which does create a FML moment but I have music and yoghurt covered raisins to keep me going. I do however have a boyfriend in a band and so during my boring days, I live excitement through him.

I visited him as he played in Glasgow last week and I was able to see Fucked up and The Bronx, two bands that I have liked for a while and they certainly delivered. Fucked up were possible the most entertaining band I have seen in a while and although I wouldn't have enjoyed him hugging me in his sweaty state, it was enjoyable to see him terrorizing the punk heads. Now, I must face my Spanish translation...Kelsey x

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