Frank's Campari Bar

I've recently been spending a lot of time at this place, Frank's, enjoying great company, sun and delicious food. The pop-up shop is a craze especially in the summer months in London with many opening across the city for temporary periods of time. This can range from months to just days, such as the recent ice cream parlour that was open for just one day in Brockley offering flavours such as elderflower and lime or geranium and rose sorbet. Frank's is in its third year running and is still constantly packed with people. Whether its the corn on the cob with paprika that entices you, the cute cocktails or the amazing view, Frank's is a great place for a chilled afternoon or evening with friends. It attracts a variety of people from posh city boys to the East London crowd and even locals come in to see what the hype is about. The weekend is now over but I look forward to next weekend so I can take advantage of this amazing space just up the road from my house.

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